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Another SDCC come and gone and a new batch of leaked-and-then-suddenly-released trailers cropped up online. There has definitely been some interest piqued in the up and coming superhero department (I’m lookin at you Deadpool), but by far and away the most striking trailer was for Suicide Squad. This has pretty much been the worst kept secret in Hollywood for the last 6 months or so with a new set picture being posted online seemingly every day, but this is the first time people have been able to see the characters in all their angsty glory. After a few viewings I can say that DC has certainly nailed down the tone of their slate of superhero films. Dark, gritty, and greyscale ftw baby! They are going to be the superhero movie equivalent of the rugged older brother who listens to heavy metal, as opposed to the colorful pop princess mainstream kid that Marvel is trying to be. The slow and haunting soundtrack, the creepy prison gymnastics, the monologues about how crazy all these bad guys are, DC is doing everything it can to make sure you know these are not your Red, White, and Blue toting Captain Americas that are going to be saving the world. It’s certainly a breath of fresh (if somewhat toxic) air after a decade of Marvel monopoly.

I am slightly worried that the characters are not going to be developed in a way that is going to cause a real connection with the audience, and will end up with the characters just out crazy-ing one another throughout the film. Harley Quinn and the Joker are going to be at the greatest risk for this by far. Also, while I am on the subject of the Joker, I have to say, Jared Leto has never let me down. Ever since Requiem For a Dream the guy has just killed every roll he has been in, so I was pumped when he was announced as the new Joker. Anyone is going to have a hard time following up the god-tier performance of Heath Ledger, but at least with Leto I think the character different and unique enough to kind of hold it’s own. Hopefully. Not really sure how I feel about the Joker having freaking grillz though. I take that back, I know exactly how I feel about it. That shit is lame. Seriously, someone slap the producer who came up with that decision. Dude looks like he is going out for MTV’s Cribs “Arkham Asylum” edition. He even has the purple Lamborghini to go with it. Hmmm… If this movie flops, which we all know is definitely not going to happen, but IF for some reason it did someone should consider that Cribs idea. THAT would be a helluva show. That part of the show where random stars point at their bed and say “this is where the magic happens” would be taken to a whole new level with the kinky sex dungeon he and Harley would have working up in there. I want producer credits on that episode. Anyways, kinky sex dungeons aside, we all know the Joker is going to be the scene stealer ever time he shows up on screen, so I’m just saying I think Leto will do it justice. He better, because if he wrecks the role the hatred is going to be so strong I don’t even think his rockstar status is going to be able to save him from the angry fanboy backlash he is likely to receive.

Also, I keep forgetting that Will Smith is in this movie? Definitely the first time in my life that I have said that phrase. Even though the Joker is going to be the leader of the hype machine, I have a distinct feeling that over the course of the story Will’s Deadshot is going to be the actual central character of the story. I just don’t see him signing on to do the movie without a major role. So that being said I am thinking he is going to be spun as the least bad of the bad guys, and I can completely buy that. Mr. Fresh Prince just isn’t going to convince me that he is a full on kill-your-grandma bad guy. Maybe if grandma was secretly a terrorist or something, but even then it would be a stretch. He is in the trailer quite a bit though, and I think that is going to be pretty indicative of his role throughout the movie. We shall see. Overall though, I have to say I’m fairly optimistic that this is going to give the Avengers a serious run for it’s money, at least until the Justice League movie gets here. People love a good bad guy, and this will theoretically be nothing but good bad guys fighting a really bad bad guy. There will be a little something for everyone!

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