Final Fantasy VII Returns!!!!

It liiiiiiiiiiiives!!!! As many people know, this year SquareEnix dropped a major fanbomb by announcing that they are finally, after DECADES of people wishing and wanting, going to be releasing a full-blown remake of Final Fantasy VII in 2016. If you don’t know why this is a big deal I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and purchase either the ps3 or PC versions of Final Fantasy VII that have been released in the last couple of years and spend the next 2 days doing nothing but mainlining this game. Seriously, it’s worth it. Granted, the game is definitely showing it’s age 3 console generations later, but what it is lacking in graphics it makes up for with an unforgettable story and some genuine hit-you-right-in-the-feels moments. Then you can come back to this post and watch the video and get as hyped as the rest of us. Yep, I just gave you homework, go do it.

For the rest of us, holy flying chocobos, this trailer is great. When they originally announced the remake I didn’t dare allow my inner Final Fantasy fanboy to get too excited, for fear that there was no way anyone would be able to do justice to this game almost twenty years later. This game is almost sacred to many gamers today, especially those 25-30 year olds who were in the middle of our formative gaming years when FFVII was originally released. The characters, the twists, the heartbreak, the HOLY SHIT DID THAT JUST HAPPEN moments are things that cement themselves in our psyche and are looked upon reverently for the rest of our lives. People have been begging for Square to slap some polish on the game and to release it as a Remaster for decades now but they, perhaps wisely, have always shot it down HARD. Square CEO Yoichi Wada was once quoted as saying that FFVII woulnd’t be remade until another Square game matched it in quality. I’m not exactly sure if this was a real benchmark since there hasn’t been another game that has matched it’s quality (although Square seems to have something BIG cooking with the soon to be released Final Fantasy XV, so maybe that day is here), but they are making it nonetheless. Ever since I saw the original announcement there were a few things that caused some minor alarm bells to start ringing. Things like “different approach” and “new vision” were worrisome to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, you can’t still line the main characters up in a row and trade shots back and forth until someone’s HP hits 0. Although you would be catering to the nostalgia of those who played the original, you would kill any hopes of catching a new generation of fans, and that would be a shame. The gameplay that blew people away in 1997 just isn’t going to do it this day in age. But you are also taking a HUGE risk at alienating those of us who have kept this game alive if through these changes you lose some of the magic of what made this game so special. So there I was until yesterday, feeling an excitement building, however not allowing myself to truly believe this is going to be the remake that I am dying for until I see some of these changes and improvements in action.

Then there was yesterday, during the 2015 Playstation experience when the first true in game renderings and gameplay was shown off. Holy shit. They did it. At least for the parts they were showing the magic was still there. The gritty atmosphere. The feeling of a close knit, ragtag group of companions vs the big evil corporation. Everything looked completely new, and yet you felt that same feeling of recognition with every new scene that was shown. The train. The scorpion. The Buster sword. It was all there, up front and in our faces as if to say “hey, we know what this game means to you. It means the same to us. We aren’t going to let you down, this is our gift to you.” I can officially let my fan flag fly and allow my hype to build to the level that it deserves because now I truly believe that they aren’t going to let me down. Now I could be wrong. There is still ALOT of game to go, and a hundred ways they can mess this up. Until the game is in my hands and I am saving the world from Shinra Corp there is still a potential for me to have my FFVII dreams dashed. But I now have a reason to hope, and hope I shall! FFVII is coming, and it looks like it is going to be something truly special. Bring it on Sephiroth.


Let me know if you are getting hyped or are still holding onto some doubts in the comments section!

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