Gamers Are Great (And Possibly Psychotic)

So I was perusing the internet today when I stumbled upon this little gem: What can I say, this is amazing. I have seen things like this before, where someone has bought a game and instead of playing through it as intended says to themselves “I am going to spend more time and effort than it would take to actually 100% this game and instead will just do something EPIC,” and each and every time I am a little more impressed at just how wonderfully neurotic people can be. This wasn’t even the first time he had done this, he had also embedded the video for a previous coaster he had made called “The Wheel of Life and Death”. Also, someone should hire this guy to name real rollercoasters cuz his names beat the hell out of names like “The Cyclone” which seems to be at EVERY theme park.

The article doesn’t say how long it took the guy, but when you look at the videos of what he did it must have been dozens or even hundreds of hours of building one coaster. Who does that? Who looks at this game and is like hey, you know what would be worth my time? Not like a little bit of my time but a SERIOUS chunk of my time for the next few months? Building a damn near never-ending roller coaster to torture these little pixel people. This isn’t even a sandbox game like Minecraft where you are encouraged to use it’s resources to just build anything. He just used the coaster editor to make his own “Incredible Machine” for his own sick pleasure. Props to you dude, I like how your mind works. You have joined the ranks of the guy who leveled his WoW character from 1-100 by JUST gathering plants when the Mists of Pandaria Expansion came out. Also the guy who decided to make a Skyrim character and level him as much as he could through working a normal blacksmithing job and not allowing himself to do any combat. If you go through reddit gaming threads you see stuff like this pop up all the time and then you find people like me reading about it and thinking that it’s awesome, but who lack that need and drive to make such a thing so I just go back to playing all of the above games to get to the end like they were intended.

This is one of those things that is so special about entertainment media these days. You have folks who can take on a task like this for no reason at all except that it brings joy to that dormant part of your brain that only YOU have that makes you want to just build a never ending roller coaster one day. What would this guy do if he DIDN’T have a video game to serve as an outlet for his creativity? Probably end up becoming the guy from SE7EN who sets up elaborate torture-murders because he HAS to spend a ridiculous amount of time meticulously planning out and creating an over the top and excessive way to do something, like murder someone. Thank God for Roller Coaster Tycoon, now Angelina Jolie can now sleep easy at night.

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