Jeff Bezos Throwing Shade at Space X


         Space X made history tonight by launching their Falcon 9 rocket and landing it safely back on earth in Cape Canaveral. It was a giant step forward for the future of space exploration and the concept of reusable rockets. However, while thousands were watching the livestream and congratulating the company on what was a successful launch and land, Jeff Bezos (who owns a rival company attempting to do the same thing as Space X) couldn’t help but take a couple of shots over twitter. It’s a sad, funny thing when billionaires have the same etiquette as a high school teenager. The good news is there were plenty of Twitter users who immediately called Bezos out for how ridiculous and petty it was to try to throw shade at such a momentous event, and truthfully the SpaceX launch speaks for itself. Congrats to them!

For more on the launch, including video of the landing click here


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