Man Sues Bethesda Because He Can’t Stop Playing Fallout 4

        Well this is a new one. A Russian man is suing Bethesda for 500,000 rubles because, according to him, Fallout 4 is so addictively good it has caused him to ruin his life. He has lost his job, lost his wife, and even starting having negative effects on his health because he just can’t stop playing this damn game. Really dude? Really? You are going to sue the company because you can’t get up and hit the off button? It’s not even like this is the old school consoles of yesteryear when there were no save points. This thing has autosave! When you turn the game on literally nothing will have changed, you will be in the exact same spot you were when you turned it off, no harm done! I mean we have all had one of those “inser-game-name-here is coming out this weekend so you won’t see me for a few days” moments but this is over the top. Just a humorous example of how people will sue for anything these days. Also as a sidenote, if your wife is willing to walk out on you after 3 weeks as opposed to just chucking your gaming system out the window, you’ve got bigger marital problems my friend. Fun fact though, 500,000 rubles only comes out to around $7,000 so I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually gets his money just because Bethesda doesn’t want to deal with this kind of foolishness. Release the Deathclaw!!!


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