EA Reporting Service Outages, Could be the Beginning of a New String of DDOS Attacks

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        Bad news for those of you getting new Christmas games this year, EA is reporting widespread outages causing some games to be unplayable. You may remember that last year both PSN and Xbox live were shut down for days as a hacker group, Lizard Squad, was launching DDoS attacks against the two companies. This led to a large number of Christmas gifts being rendered unplayable as day one patches were not able to be downloaded and installed. The good news is that EA is currently stating that they have identified the cause and that systems have been returned back to normal, however there do still seem to be lingering issues for many users attempting to log on. There was widespread speculation that going into this holiday season there may be another repeat of last years attacks, however many were hoping that with a year of preparation time there would be better defenses in place to prevent a repeat of last Christmas. Unfortunately DDoS attacks are still an effective way of knocking out a system at whim, as they are fairly easy to pull off and very difficult to defend against. Here’s hoping that this problem is fixed shortly and there aren’t any disappointed little gamers out there this Christmas being denied their Christmas gifts become some asshat wants to make a point.



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