All The Known Data in Our World Could Fit In a Few Cubic Meters of DNA

(Credit: Lonelyleap)

        It’s a fact of our modern world that as time goes by there is more and more information to be preserved about ourselves and our known universe. At the beginning of time it was stored on cave paintings, then etchings, paper, and now computers. As our information has become more and more dense we have had to come up with better and more efficient ways  in which to store it. But with so MUCH info, what is the best way to do it? There aren’t enough hard drives in the world, and even if there were by the time we got all of our information on there we would have to immediately replace them with a newer, bigger model do to the exponential increase in what we  know (it’s called the information age for a reason). Luckily, it looks like mother nature has already taken care of it for us. Enter Researchers Robert Grass and Reinhard Heckel, two scientists who are working on a way to convert all known information into DNA. Think about that for a second, we could fit it all inside the same basic DNA that we have floating around inside our bodies right now. Basically you are a walking super computer so hey, pat yourself on the back! Follow the link to the video on how they are doing it!


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