Pacifism: Beating Fallout 4 With No Kills

        When Fallout 4’s creator Todd Howard was interviewed about his game back in July, he stated that there wasn’t really a way to beat it without violence. Of course any time you tell a hardcore group of gamers that they can’t do something one of the first responses you will get is “challenge accepted”. That was the case when Fallout player Kyle Hinckley not only beat the game without a single kill, but beat it on its hardest setting. He documented the entire event on his youtube channel The Weirdestcomplete from beginning to end to prove that he did indeed do it. Not only is the feat itself impressive, but it is made even more so when you see how difficult it actually was to achieve, not only because of the difficulty setting, but because there are certain portions of the game where you are actually required to kill certain characters, and Kyle not doing so would cause playthrough breaking bugs. However he was eventually able to overcome these through some enterprising and creative ways. Someone give this guy a trophy already!!!


For more information and the original Kotaku article click here

Below is the first of the no kill playthrough videos.

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