The Internet Google Can’t See

        The Dark Web is a phrase that is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream ever since groups like Anonymous and The Lizard Squad have been making headlines over the last few years. A recent article by popular science takes an in depth look  at what exactly the  Dark Web is, and what type of services one can find if you are able to actually access it. It’s a world of elicit activity, protected by safeguards and passwords. You can find everything from drugs to weapons, to murder for hire services. It is made possible through the use of bitcoin services allowing users to anonymously make payments for goods and services without ever being able to be traced. Fortunately, although it represents a large percentage of the internet as a whole,  it’s user base is much smaller than the known, or “surface” internet. It’s an interesting insight into a hard to access world, but one that people need to be aware of as the internet becomes more and more a fixture of modern society.


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