EA Reporting Service Outages, Could be the Beginning of a New String of DDOS Attacks

                Bad news for those of you getting new Christmas games this year, EA is reporting widespread outages causing some games to be unplayable. You may remember that last year both PSN and Xbox live were shut down for days as a hacker group, Lizard Squad, was launching [...]

Dream: The Beginning of Banjo Kazzooie

        It may be hard to believe now, but there was once a time when Rare was one of the premier studios in video games. Battletoads, Donkey Kong, Killer Instinct, Goldeneye, some of the greatest and most groundbreaking games of the SNES and N64 generations came from this one studio. Arguably the [...]

Nicolas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur Skull

             Oh Nicolas Cage, you never fail to intrigue. At this point you are a living, breathing, walking meme. You are meta personified. You buy castles, king cobras, and collections of shrunken heads. Who else would buy a stolen dinosaur head and then be contacted by homeland security to it's rightful [...]

Man Sues Bethesda Because He Can’t Stop Playing Fallout 4

        Well this is a new one. A Russian man is suing Bethesda for 500,000 rubles because, according to him, Fallout 4 is so addictively good it has caused him to ruin his life. He has lost his job, lost his wife, and even starting having negative effects on his health because [...]

Is There Really Going To Be A Sega Dreamcast 2?

              Well this is interesting. According to some rumblings that began the past few days, Sega may be working on a new version of it's classic Dreamcast console. Now details are sparse at the moment however there does seem to be some truth to the rumors. According to this [...]

The Grim Fate of the Ewoks as Proven by Science

        Remember those little guys? Those are the Ewoks, the cuddly little storm trooper killing mascots that have divided Star Wars fans since the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983. Some people love them. Some people loathe them. I find myself just kind of creeped out by them. Even when [...]

Disabled Father Can Play Skyrim With Son Thanks to Steam Controller

                It seems that as time goes by there are more and more stories popping up about how innovations in gaming are helping to bring people together in new and exciting ways. This week I came across a story of a father who only had the use of [...]

Jeff Bezos Throwing Shade at Space X

         Space X made history tonight by launching their Falcon 9 rocket and landing it safely back on earth in Cape Canaveral. It was a giant step forward for the future of space exploration and the concept of reusable rockets. However, while thousands were watching the livestream and congratulating the company on [...]

China’s Newest Industrial Disaster

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AywTYC379Go&feature=player_detailpage China once again has a industrial disaster on their hands as a man made dump sight has breached causing waves of mud and industrial waste to flood the area, burying buildings and killing workers. The real shame in all of this is that the company had already been warned to stop dumping in that [...]

Kojima and Playstation, a Match Made in Heaven

                It is no secret that over the last six months there has been some serious drama between Hideo Kojima and Konami. If you haven't heard, feel free to read up here. Needless to say it was a messy divorce. Give credit to Kojima who has remained silent and [...]