The Nazi V-2 Rocket, A Breakthrough In Modern Warfare

        The V-2 rocket is one of the most famous Nazi weapons of World War II. It was the world’s first long range ballistic missile, as well as the first time people were able to fire a weapon into space with the goal of it returning to earth to deliver its payload. It was a gamechanger for modern warfare, and had a dramatic impact on the face of the war. Some statistics state that this rocket led to the death of over 9,000 civilians and military personnel. Last month Popular Science published this article containing an excerpt from the book Breaking the Chains of Gravity, describing the fascinating history behind rocket. It describes the struggles of a young Wernher Von Braun, one of the most famous scientists of the Nazi era, and how the SS was able to take the project of a simple rocket and develop it into a destructive force that had yet to be seen on this planet. If you have the time it is certainly worth a read.


If you liked the article and want to read the entire book itself, it is currently available on Amazon.

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