Water Bear Revived After Being FROZEN SOLID For 30 Years!

        They aren’t called extremophiles for nothing. Scientists have recently revived a  specimin of Tardigrade after 30 years of being frozen at a temperature of -20 C (-4 F) in a lab in Japan. The  two Tardigrade (also known as a water bear to some) was originally recovered on a frozen moss sample along with an egg in Antarctica in 1983. The Tardigrade was already known throughout the world as an organism that could withstand extreme conditions, although the previous world record for the longest a specimen had been frozen was 9 years. Out of curiosity the team of researchers decided to warm up one of the specimens to see if it would come back to life. Much to their surprise, after 13 days it was not only almost completely back to normal, it even laid eggs which then proceeded to hatch. Although this is the world record for the revival of a Tardigrade, it is not the record for the longest an organism was able to revive after being frozen, that honor is currently being held by Tylenchus polyhypnus, a nematode worm that was successfully revived after being frozen for 39 years. Still it’s a damn impressive feat and just goes to show how incredible the natural world can be.


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