How The Hell Is “Flat Earth Theory” Even A Thing??

        First and foremost, let me start off by saying that this is not going to be the most scientific of articles we have done on this site. How can it be when the subject is the fact that there are people out there known as “Flat Earthers” who are convinced that not only is the Earth a flat surface, but that the idea of a round Earth is a conspiracy being put forth by NASA and our government (completely disregarding the fact that this isn’t a new idea, a round Earth was proven more than thousand years ago, but whatever let’s not get bogged down in logic). It was something that I would stumble upon online every now and again that would cause me to just shake my head and lose a little more faith in humanity, however it was never something that I could ever really take seriously. I thought it was an eccentric little corner of the net reserved for people like the “Dinosaurs aren’t real” lady (don’t even get me started on her) and the “enemas cure autism” crowd. It’s actually kind of painful to plug those websites because I DON’T want to increase their traffic, but I just want to offer proof that I am not making this stuff up, these are legitimate albeit somewhat idiotic theories. So now that I have set the tone for the rest of the article, let’s get down to what has currently triggered today’s rant.

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You know anytime you are using Tila Tequila as a part of your story, there’s not going to be very much logic involved

        For some reason, over the last 24 hours both Tila Tequila the MTV reality show has been and rapper B.o.B. have taken to twitter to have a war of the minds with… I guess intelligent people, over whether or not the world is round. I saw the headline this morning and thought well what the hell, how many people could actually be following these two on twitter? Unfortunately the answer is FUCKING MILLIONS. Why? I have no idea, but there are literally over a million people that follow these two and want to know what they say. Although that was a somewhat startling revelation, what was even more so was the fact that although there were quite a few people trying to show them evidence of how they were wrong. And for real, there is TONS OF EVIDENCE. This isn’t even hard, there is just so much of it out there. But there was a surprising number of people singing their praises that they are finally getting to the truth of the matter and speaking for those out there who know the “real truth” about the hoax. I actually had to put my phone down, I was so shocked at the sheer volume of people who were on board with this. Confession: I didn’t put my phone down for long, this was like one of those moments I get pissed off at a video game and turn off my Playstation only to come back and turn it on 10 minutes later because I refuse to let it beat me. So yeah, I have been on B.o.B’s twitter about 6 times today and holy shit, it doesn’t get any better. As a matter of fact, the longer that it has been going on, the more supporters are absolutely FLOCKING to the fray to try and throw in their two cents about how the earth is flat. It was hard enough to have faith in a world where Tila Tequila was actually a name most people would know (I mean at least B.o.B is actually talented), but to actually see the stupidity that flows freely from some of these people, it just sucks. How did this happen?? In this day in age when we have the complete combined knowledge of humanity literally at our fingertips, how do we get here? Actually now that I ask that question I know the answer: people are watching goddamn Tila Tequila instead of the science channel. One good thing to come out of all of this though is that the face of modern science himself, Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to chime in on the issue himself, and it was a gem.


He has a good point, no need to miss out on the sick beats

        So I guess that’s it. End rant. Enjoy your Monday.


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