Another Kickstarter Derailed By Booze and Strippers


It’s probably going to be a looong time before we get another ant simulator game.

        Unfortunately for Kickstarter backers, another game has bitten the dust due to mismanagement of backer funds. It’s an issue that we had previously touched on in our article When Kickstarter Goes Wrong, however this time it’s with a more interesting twist. To the disappointment of many, today game developer Eric Tereshinski announced the cancellation of the game Ant Simulator, a spiritual successor to much-loved classic SimAnt. This was to be another ant themed world builder game, although it would take place from the first person perspective. The videos for it had originally shown alot of promise, so it’s a real shame that the developers will no longer be going forward with the game. However, interestingly enough, this time the cancellation did not come about as a product of problems with the game’s development but because, according to Tereshinski, his partners spent the crowdfunded money on alcohol, restaurants and strippers among other things. At least give the guys credit for embracing the whole “go big or go home” mentality I guess? Especially the go home part.

Although it makes for a funny story, it really is a shame that another promising kickstarter is going to fail due to the people not being responsible/knowledgeable enough to run their business property. It is one of the only glaring weaknesses to the whole crowdfunding movement, the fact that although people may have great ideas and talent, that doesn’t mean that they have the experience or ability to properly run a company. They (hopefully) end up with a vast amount of cash suddenly flowing their way and they have to find the correct way to manage it. Fortunately most of the time they do, but it’s becoming a fast rule that as long as there are Kickstarters out there, there are going to be stories like this cropping up all the time.

Now it’s time to bust out the SNES and get my ant fix the old fashioned way.






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