Angry Programmer Deletes 17 Lines of Code, Literally Breaks the Internet

        Coding can be a very finicky business. That isn’t really news to those in the industry, however that didn’t stop many companies in Silicon Valley from getting a nasty surprise last week when an upset employee had a falling out with npm, Inc. and deleted all of the code that he had written for them as he walked out the door. Typically that would not have been all that big of a deal had his code not been currently being used by Javascript users at Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and dozens of other companies at the time. Long story short, it immediately broke the builds of thousands of programmers over the course of a few minutes. Granted, they started developing workarounds almost immediately and were able to mitigate the damage in the long run, but it still shook things up enough that people began to question why the source code was so easily deleted by one person. For more information about the story, as well as the drama leading up to the fallout head on over to arstechnica to read the full article.


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