The Great Northern War Is Coming, Will Set Another World Record

Massive EVE Online Battle Destroys Nearly $300,000 Worth of Spaceships

        Two years ago, factions within the EVE online began a war that was on a scale previously unheard of in video games. It was such a grand scale that soon enough even major news carriers such as CNN and MSNBC were running stories on the conflict. Over the course of a few days over $300,000 worth of ships were destroyed, tens of thousands of players were destroyed, and it completely changed the landscape of the game for the years that followed. Since then, things have been relatively quite in the EVE community with The Imperium, a corporation coalition made up of some 40,000 players pretty much reigning supreme for the last 2 years.

Yep, looks like the banner of an evil empire.

        Their seemingly endless pool of resources and combined with their size made it so that they were able to basically bully the factions around them into copulation, with no one strong enough to directly stand up to them. Needless to say, as they continued to maintain their stranglehold on their sector of space The Imperium made plenty of enemies. Along with that they have had some defections over the past few months, as some internal strife has led to certain corporations defecting from The Imperium over to one of the various groups that has aligned against them. These other groups, who used to have plenty of fighting amongst themselves, have suddenly began coming together under the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It’s seems that they have begun to hate The Imperium even more than they hated eachother, and so the Money Badger Coalition has been born. There have already been a couple of skirmishes between the two, but so far all indicators point to a growing conflict in the future that should dwarf the previous Great War from two years ago. It’s definitely something worth following here over the next couple of weeks, as these massive online battles have become very popular in the days of Twitch and other streaming services where people can follow the action throughout the day. Needless to say when this powder keg does eventually go off, it is going to set a new bar for online gaming warfare.


If you want to see a video of the skirmishes that have previously happened, click here.

For a quick video summing up what has led up to the Northern War, click here.

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