China Proposing Worldwide Clean Energy Grid

        China has built up a pretty terrible reputation over the years due to their contributions to the world’s growing pollution problems. A booming industrial economy, coupled with very little government regulation on Chinese businesses has led to multiple cases of environmental disaster as well as a steadily growing air pollution problem. Some of these issues are even things that we have written about before. However, much to the surprise of Environmentalists everywhere when the President of the State Grid Corporation of China proposed a $50 TRILLION worldwide power grid that they would like to have in place by 2050. So I guess they have been saving up all of their environmental improvement ideas for the last few decades in order to throw out this gem instead of, you know, improving gradually over time. Nope they are just gonna fix this bitch in one go.

Step one of one hundred

        All joking aside, it’s a gargantuan step in the right direction for the industrial giant. It proposes using a combination of wind power in the north pole and solar power near the equator to create a genuine globe spanning source of clean energy. It’s a hell of an ambitious idea, and one that won’t be coming to fruition anytime soon but who knows? Even if only the Chinese portion is built it will be a vast improvement over the current environmental climate.


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