Indoor Drone is Sci-Fi Come To Life

The Gripping Orb Receives A Sphere From A Human

        The future is now kids. This new indoor floating sphere, dubbed from German design firm Festo is the coolest thing you will see all day. It was named “FreeMotionHandling” and it is dubbed an “indoor flying object”. It’s lightweight carbon frame can move vertically and horizontally allowing it to hover or move in virtually any direction. It uses helium for buoyancy and a combination of GPS and mounted cameras to see where it is going. Besides all of those boring details, the sphere can actually grip objects in the world around it, carry them, and then basically regurgitate them right back out into a waiting hand. Currently, it only works in doors and only in certain preset conditions, but still the possible applications for this are huge. We may be floating around in these things in a few years, hoping there aren’t any pointy objects around.


To see a video of this thing in action click here

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