Outlast 2 Looks Completely Bonkers

        Outlast intimidates me. I remember back when it launched a few years ago watching tons of Let’s Play and Twitch videos and laughing my ass off watching people just get terrified running through that crazy asylum. It didn’t matter if it was a guy or a girl, old or young, gamer or no gamer, the reaction was almost always the same. Tentative looks around corners, crazy panicked sprinting, terrified squeals as they were invariably trapped in some corner and brutally murdered. It was tons of fun to watch, but I had no desire to actually play it. Call me chicken sure, I won’t argue with you. The vulnerability of the main character, the continual stalking, that constant stress about running out of batteries, it just didn’t seem like the stress relieving outlet that I normally look for when it comes to choosing my games.It was the same situation I run into when watching movies. I love horror movies, I think they are fun and exciting, however I sure as shit don’t want to act one out, and that’s basically what Outlast was to me. No thank you.

        This was still my mindset up until two days ago when they released the first gameplay footage of Outlast 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you heading over to Youtube to check it out. Gone were the cramped corridors and decrepit rooms of the Asylum, instead they were replaced with cornfields and dirt roads. It’s basically the Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets the cult from Jonestown. It’s got it all, crazy cultists chasing you around, creepy altars with bodies sliced up, huge cornfields for your character to hide in, the ability to crawl around on the ground to attempt to avoid detection. There is horror, but in this horror is VARIETY, and that is what I’m interested in. Not only that, but there has been a pretty drastic graphical overhaul that is helping to bring all of these things to life. More than anything though, I love the way that they have opened the game up. The Asylum from the first game was so cramped and maze-like that it seemed like it severely limited a players options to run and hide in whatever room is off to your right or left. Definitely built tension, but seemed like it got pretty old after awhile. This was actually a comment that was made by multiple players throughout the videos I watched. It seems like the developer noticed this as well, because just in the short demos they have shown so far you have seen the protagonist crawl around the cornfield, dive into a water-filled ditch, climb into various crates and barrels, and just outright sprint out into the darkness to avoid detection. There are options now, and I like options. I am also a huge fan of crazy cult/ found footage type movies and this game seems to be taking heavy influences from those types of stories. Overall, I think this is one I am actually gonna try, and then people can laugh at me freaking out while running for my life for hours on end. I will be sure to post a video when it’s all said and done.


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