Letters to Brian

Hello friends, happy 2019!

I’m going to be starting a new segment on GGR that is going to be my project for the coming year. A few months ago some good friends and coworkers asked that I find a way to tell their story. At first I laughed it off because, while their story is a unique and interesting one, it was one that I am in no way qualified to write. Another is because it is something so out of my wheel house.

Although I have been completely slacking updating GGR over the last few months, when I do write it is always something more geek or tech centered. Gaming, science fiction, fantasy, models. These are the things that I know and love, and what the people who frequent this blog enjoy. This series is going to have none of that. It has all of the makings of a damn good story to be sure: drama, lies, violence, excitement, and even redemption. All of the epic boxes are checked.

My friends, Brian and Curtis, found a way to build a brotherhood through some incredibly dark times. Both guys are fairly misunderstood. They are men of strong opinions, who have been shaped by life to have powerful opinions about very specific situations. Both are men of God, whose faith built the foundation that their friendship is built upon now.

Then there’s me. The odd man out of the three. Most of the time I am simply a casual observer. I’m the “millennial” of the group, as much as I hate that word, and all of the positive and negative connotations that come with it. We don’t always click. We rarely agree on things. Our political discussions have frequently devolved into shouting matches. But here I am with a front row seat to the growth of two old guys from coworkers to friends to brothers.

There’s that word again. Brothers. I guess that is what I am going to be trying to convey. A story about brotherhood. Brothers in Christianity, Brothers in the day to day battle against the millennial scourge and the ever increasing liberal world around them.

Maybe that isn’t fair. Maybe this is just once again pointing out how unqualified I am to take on this project, as my perspective is going to bleed into my writing. I’m not a biographer. I can’t separate my personal opinions from my subject. I am probably going to want to come back and edit the hell out of this as soon as I post it. But I am going to do my best to stay true to what I have seen and been told, for better or worse.

So how does a story like this start? The beginning is kind of strange, because there isn’t really a beginning. Well technically I guess there was a beginning, it was just a few years BC. That’s Before Cory, not Before Christ. Really though, before Christ could work here as well since as far as I know Brian wasn’t always a Christian.

He’s been a ton of other things. His past is so colorful that to this day I still have a hard time believing half the stories he tells me. Brian is damn well traveled for a guy from the south. He’s been a shrimper. He’s been a felon. For the first year and half that I worked at my current job he was a guest at the Texas Department of Corrections. That’s how I first heard his name, he was the employee whose job we were holding until he got out of prison.

He is balanced out by Curtis. Less traveled, just as many stories. Curtis falls under the category of a good old dude from the South. People would probably use the phrase “salt of the earth” to describe him. The word unapologetic also comes to mind. Sometimes that gets him into trouble, but overall I would say he is a good man with a good heart.

Curtis and Brian spend their days estimating jobs for a commercial construction company. They spend their days alternating between frenzied bidding and quiet prayer meetings. Lot’s of conversations take place back in their bull room. I find myself quietly observing in the background.

So I guess that’s it. This introduction is way longer than I meant it to be. Again, it’s a project. My goal is to have it updated once a week with another part of the story. One thing I will say now is I do believe it is a story worth writing. Hopefully I can make it worth reading as well.


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