Triton: Human Gills or Lucrative Hoax?

Triton Artificial Gills Scam

        Triton underwater breather company has been making waves in recent days (shutup I know it’s a bad pun) after raising over $700,000 through an Indiegogo campaign over just it’s first few days. Their claim to fame is that they have created a revolutionary new underwater breather that will allow users to stay underwater for extended periods of time without the use of bulky SCUBA equipment. Obviously if this new tech works as advertised, the military, scientific, and recreational applications would be huge. They say that they have the technology, they have a decent concept, and now they have some money, so why aren’t we all lining up to shell out ridiculous sums of cash to swim around a la the Jedi in A Phantom Menace? Well, unfortunately unless Triton has somehow secretly made some breakthroughs in both energy efficiency and pulling oxygen out of solution (and we are talking jumps science forward 30 or so years kind of breakthroughs) it’s just not something that can be done with today’s technology.

        Before we dive further (ok that one was an accident) into the issues with the science, there are quite a few other red flags surrounding the project with regards to the presentation of the project and the lack of credibility of the business as a whole. The biggest issue that immediately jumps out is the fact that their claims have had absolutely ZERO third party verification. Basically although Triton says they have developed this amazing tech that can do all these things, no one outside of their company has verified it. Basically the equivalent of me saying I have created a perpetual motion machine. I can say it all day long, and it may even be true, but until I can get someone else to verify it, it don’t mean shit. So yeah, the fact that people are throwing money at these guys without any actual proof of concept at this point is dubious at best but whatever, it’s not my money I guess.

        So, now that we have gone through the issues listed above, lets get into the actual science problems. These are all described in-depth in this article by gear junkie, but it can basically be summed up in three parts. One: in order to get enough oxygen to survive, you are going to have to process about 46.1 liters of water per MINUTE through the mask. That means you are going to have to be pumping like a motherfucker to get it all in there. Take a look at that mask. See any big old pumps on there? I don’t either. Ok so let’s pretend that the pumps are invisible, just for the sake of argument. You are going to need a serious battery in order to power the pumps to move the water to filter the oxygen to not drown. Also contained in breather would need to be a air compression chamber to hold the air before it is breathed in, and it would need some type of regulator to control the volume that is going to be moved in and out of your lungs. All of this they claim is contained in the small container that covers the nose and mouth. Yeah. Right. Not buying it. The fact of the matter is that their claims are just too grand to be true, even if it sounds like something they think we will be able to do in the near future. So what are they going to do with the $700,000 then? Who knows. Probably enjoy the ride and the notoriety while they can until December rolls around and they still don’t have the promised product from the videos. You can do alot with $700,000, just not create a physics breaking  underwater breather.


Water Bear Revived After Being FROZEN SOLID For 30 Years!

        They aren’t called extremophiles for nothing. Scientists have recently revived a  specimin of Tardigrade after 30 years of being frozen at a temperature of -20 C (-4 F) in a lab in Japan. The  two Tardigrade (also known as a water bear to some) was originally recovered on a frozen moss sample along with an egg in Antarctica in 1983. The Tardigrade was already known throughout the world as an organism that could withstand extreme conditions, although the previous world record for the longest a specimen had been frozen was 9 years. Out of curiosity the team of researchers decided to warm up one of the specimens to see if it would come back to life. Much to their surprise, after 13 days it was not only almost completely back to normal, it even laid eggs which then proceeded to hatch. Although this is the world record for the revival of a Tardigrade, it is not the record for the longest an organism was able to revive after being frozen, that honor is currently being held by Tylenchus polyhypnus, a nematode worm that was successfully revived after being frozen for 39 years. Still it’s a damn impressive feat and just goes to show how incredible the natural world can be.


Pacifism: Beating Fallout 4 With No Kills

        When Fallout 4’s creator Todd Howard was interviewed about his game back in July, he stated that there wasn’t really a way to beat it without violence. Of course any time you tell a hardcore group of gamers that they can’t do something one of the first responses you will get is “challenge accepted”. That was the case when Fallout player Kyle Hinckley not only beat the game without a single kill, but beat it on its hardest setting. He documented the entire event on his youtube channel The Weirdestcomplete from beginning to end to prove that he did indeed do it. Not only is the feat itself impressive, but it is made even more so when you see how difficult it actually was to achieve, not only because of the difficulty setting, but because there are certain portions of the game where you are actually required to kill certain characters, and Kyle not doing so would cause playthrough breaking bugs. However he was eventually able to overcome these through some enterprising and creative ways. Someone give this guy a trophy already!!!


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Below is the first of the no kill playthrough videos.

EA Reporting Service Outages, Could be the Beginning of a New String of DDOS Attacks

       Image result for EA

        Bad news for those of you getting new Christmas games this year, EA is reporting widespread outages causing some games to be unplayable. You may remember that last year both PSN and Xbox live were shut down for days as a hacker group, Lizard Squad, was launching DDoS attacks against the two companies. This led to a large number of Christmas gifts being rendered unplayable as day one patches were not able to be downloaded and installed. The good news is that EA is currently stating that they have identified the cause and that systems have been returned back to normal, however there do still seem to be lingering issues for many users attempting to log on. There was widespread speculation that going into this holiday season there may be another repeat of last years attacks, however many were hoping that with a year of preparation time there would be better defenses in place to prevent a repeat of last Christmas. Unfortunately DDoS attacks are still an effective way of knocking out a system at whim, as they are fairly easy to pull off and very difficult to defend against. Here’s hoping that this problem is fixed shortly and there aren’t any disappointed little gamers out there this Christmas being denied their Christmas gifts become some asshat wants to make a point.