So, Let’s Talk About All That Overwatch Porn

So, Let’s Talk About All That Overwatch Porn

        So Kotaku released this article yesterday about all of the Overwatch porn that has exploded online, especially since the release of the Beta. It’s an interesting read, and yes it does have all kinds of NSFW links to videos if that is the only reason you clicked on the post (I’m not gonna post em here but I’m also not going to judge you for heading over there for a quick look). It does bring to light some interesting questions though with regards to Blizzards intellectual property and the freedom of what other people can do with their characters. It also brings to light the blurred lines between what can be considered sexy, pornographic, or just playful with regards to how a character is made and dressed. It’s especially ironic that it is Blizzard who is wrapped up in this, since they were the ones that caused so much online backlash over one of their character’s infamous butt pose. If you aren’t familiar with the controversy, basically the victory pose of Tracer, one of the main protagonist characters in the game was criticized by a player due to the pose basically just being a showcase of her butt and not bringing much to her personality. What would typically be a one-off comment gained quite a bit of traction online, leading to a full blown controversy when Blizzard actually kind of sided with the fan and changed the pose. Click on the link for the full story but overall the whole thing was kind of silly and the new pose is still plenty butt-centric.

Blizzard replaces Tracer’s butt pose in Overwatch with a better butt pose

Still some good booty action there 

        So if something as tame as the above shown “butt pose” was causing all of that backlash, what is blizzard supposed to do with the sudden influx of full on porn out there? It seems like they took some steps to try to remove some of their character models but obviously they aren’t going to be able to stem the flow at this point, and it would be ludicrous to think that they could. Rule 34 lives forever for a reason. But the real question is why would they really want to? I mean it’s not like they should be partnering with Pornhub and sponsoring FMV videos, but as long as it isn’t actively hurting their brand I say let people run with it. I mean just look at the marketing implications right here.

If people are thinking about your product during their alone time, you probably have a pretty good product

        We live in an increasingly politically correct world, where the idea of women as sex objects is stands completely opposed to the idea of women as being empowered and that is never something that I have completely understood. Why can’t she be both? Why can’t she be a total badass individual while at the same time flaunting that fact that she is sexy and she knows it. The two are so quickly considered mutually exclusive, and they don’t have to be. Go ahead and follow some of the links up there IF YOU AREN’T AT WORK and tell me how many of those women, even in those pictures/videos aren’t just as badass as they were before. It’s the thing that has actually surprised me the most about the whole Overwatch Rule 34 scene, when compared to your typical mainstream porn, the difference is almost night and day. There is very little violence, there are almost no men involved at all, and at no point have I been given the impression that any of these women are less deadly, exciting, or admired because someone has made a video showing them enjoying sex.


I think that’s probably the key point there. Granted I haven’t seen ALL the Overwatch porn out there, and there will be exceptions to everything, but by and large I think that the fact that it has become so popular so quickly speaks more to how interesting and exciting the characters are than anything else. Obviously it’s going to be a polarizing topic and I am sure there are going to be those that vehemently disagree with me, and that’s fine. Perception is reality right? However from my point of view, this is actually the first time that I have seen a pornographic character treatment that I can say doesn’t seem like just a cheap cash in on the character names. So there you have it, my take on the whole Overwatch porn scene. Judge as you will!


Publisher Defends Negative IGN Review of It’s Game Because Once Again the Internet Sucks


        So here’s one you don’t see every day. Game publisher Paradox issued a statement today defending IGN freelancer Rowan Kaiser and his negative review of their game Stellaris. You read that right. The publisher is defending the person who said their game had “great early-game potential” which then turned “into a slow, dull grind”. It was a similar review to the one posted by Kotaku, who said that the game reaches for the stars, only to fall just short.” This sentiment was also echoed by Metacritic where the game shows a score of 78, meaning that although it has favorable reviews, there really isn’t much special about it. The point being is that there is a general consensus that although it’s a decent game, there are definitely some negative aspects to playing it, and overall it wasn’t anything too special.

This is why it’s so crazy that Kaiser is getting viciously attacked in gamer circles on Youtube, Reddit, and other social media. There seems to be a conspiracy theory about Kaiser holding a vendetta against Paraodx because he had once heard them support video maker Totalbiscuit, someone he doesn’t hold in high regard as stated on his Twitter back in 2015. That’s it. One twitter comment almost a year ago was enough to send the Gamergate masses on their most recent crusade against another writer who shared their opinion on a game. The craziest part is if you actually go through and read his review, he has videos to accompany almost every complaint that he had with the game, and some serious thought as to why these certain situations are annoying. I actually appreciated the fact that it looked like he took the time to really explain each and every complaint he had with his playthrough instead of making broad sweeping statements like I have seen with other games.

The fact that this image exists is bullshit

        The idea that he is holding enough of a vendetta against the publisher that he would put that time and energy into trashing their game is just fucking stupid. Nonetheless, stupid seems to be a wonderful excuse for people to light the torches and pitchforks and set after a writer like a dog on a bone. It’s something we actually wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Forget the fact that IGN’s review editor came to his defense and pointed out the fact that Totalbiscuit had absolutely nothing to do with this game so there would be no point in trashing it. Things have continued unabated to the point that now Paradox is trying to do the right thing and stick up for the guy. Credit to them, there was no need for them to take the time to do it, and they are actually probably benefiting from the controversy currently brewing. For his part, Kaiser has stood by his review and for the most part just stayed out of the argument. Still, it seems like every week another story comes out where there is some new bullshit conspiracy theory that sets the desktop warriors off on a new victim and it’s goddamn disgraceful. Seriously, I have been a gamer longer than I have done almost anything in my life, and this shit just pisses me off. It is our greatest shame and does nothing but give the world the same angry immature teenager impression that gamers have been saddled with since back in the arcade days. And yes, I know that at this point in time there is nothing that can be done about it and that as long as 4chan and Reddit are around these people aren’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it and I’m not gonna bitch about it from time to time.