Kyle Hinckley Once Again Does the Impossible in Fallout 4, Turns Preston Garvey Into an Unstoppable Terminator in the Process

        Kyle Hinckley loves to challenge himself in Fallout 4. Last time it was beating the game without killing anyone (and breaking the game in the process). It was impressive enough that we actually wrote a story about it when it happened.  This time he decided to one-up himself by beating the [...]

Pacifism: Beating Fallout 4 With No Kills

        When Fallout 4's creator Todd Howard was interviewed about his game back in July, he stated that there wasn't really a way to beat it without violence. Of course any time you tell a hardcore group of gamers that they can't do something one of the first responses you will get [...]

Man Sues Bethesda Because He Can’t Stop Playing Fallout 4

        Well this is a new one. A Russian man is suing Bethesda for 500,000 rubles because, according to him, Fallout 4 is so addictively good it has caused him to ruin his life. He has lost his job, lost his wife, and even starting having negative effects on his health because [...]