The Real Story of The Most Interesting Storm Trooper In The Galaxy

Do you remember that guy? The guy who went from just another anonymous Stormtrooper to electro nightstick battlemaster in the span of one sentence? Well apparently I'm not the only one, because a couple of quick searches online show that he has a SERIOUS internet following. He was even dubbed unit TR-8R (you know, cuz [...]

Opinion : Kylo Ren

This is a new segment I will be doing from time to time. It will differ from our normal posts by presenting more of an opinion and less of a informative article. The intent of this segment is not to be a review, though I may occasional talk about books, movies and games and convey [...]

The Grim Fate of the Ewoks as Proven by Science

        Remember those little guys? Those are the Ewoks, the cuddly little storm trooper killing mascots that have divided Star Wars fans since the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983. Some people love them. Some people loathe them. I find myself just kind of creeped out by them. Even when [...]

Suicide Squad Reaction

Another SDCC come and gone and a new batch of leaked-and-then-suddenly-released trailers cropped up online. There has definitely been some interest piqued in the up and coming superhero department (I'm lookin at you Deadpool), but by far and away the most striking trailer was for Suicide Squad. This has pretty much been the worst kept [...]