Outlast 2 Looks Completely Bonkers

        Outlast intimidates me. I remember back when it launched a few years ago watching tons of Let’s Play and Twitch videos and laughing my ass off watching people just get terrified running through that crazy asylum. It didn’t matter if it was a guy or a girl, old or young, gamer or no gamer, the reaction was almost always the same. Tentative looks around corners, crazy panicked sprinting, terrified squeals as they were invariably trapped in some corner and brutally murdered. It was tons of fun to watch, but I had no desire to actually play it. Call me chicken sure, I won’t argue with you. The vulnerability of the main character, the continual stalking, that constant stress about running out of batteries, it just didn’t seem like the stress relieving outlet that I normally look for when it comes to choosing my games.It was the same situation I run into when watching movies. I love horror movies, I think they are fun and exciting, however I sure as shit don’t want to act one out, and that’s basically what Outlast was to me. No thank you.

        This was still my mindset up until two days ago when they released the first gameplay footage of Outlast 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you heading over to Youtube to check it out. Gone were the cramped corridors and decrepit rooms of the Asylum, instead they were replaced with cornfields and dirt roads. It’s basically the Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets the cult from Jonestown. It’s got it all, crazy cultists chasing you around, creepy altars with bodies sliced up, huge cornfields for your character to hide in, the ability to crawl around on the ground to attempt to avoid detection. There is horror, but in this horror is VARIETY, and that is what I’m interested in. Not only that, but there has been a pretty drastic graphical overhaul that is helping to bring all of these things to life. More than anything though, I love the way that they have opened the game up. The Asylum from the first game was so cramped and maze-like that it seemed like it severely limited a players options to run and hide in whatever room is off to your right or left. Definitely built tension, but seemed like it got pretty old after awhile. This was actually a comment that was made by multiple players throughout the videos I watched. It seems like the developer noticed this as well, because just in the short demos they have shown so far you have seen the protagonist crawl around the cornfield, dive into a water-filled ditch, climb into various crates and barrels, and just outright sprint out into the darkness to avoid detection. There are options now, and I like options. I am also a huge fan of crazy cult/ found footage type movies and this game seems to be taking heavy influences from those types of stories. Overall, I think this is one I am actually gonna try, and then people can laugh at me freaking out while running for my life for hours on end. I will be sure to post a video when it’s all said and done.


We Made Dark Souls Into A Drinking Game… It Did Not Go Well

Two of our Dark Souls noobs wanted to see what all the hype for Dark Souls 3 was about, but were worried it was going to be too hard to play. So we decided to turn it into a drinking game to ease some of the tension. Below is part 1 of the result, it wasn’t pretty. Part 2 to follow soon!

Rules were as follows:

Use an Estus Flask- Take a Drink

You Died Screen- Take a Shot

Sit at a Bonfire- Take a Drink

Beat a Boss- Take a shot (Cory Takes 2 Shots due to being a Dark Souls Veteran)

Fall to Your Death- Shotgun a Beer

Here is the link to the video, hope you enjoy!


Let’s Hear it For Hawk, the (Badass) Talking Pig

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched/finished either the Seven Deadly Sins Manga or Anime and don’t want to have anything spoiled, don’t read further, instead go watch Seven Deadly Sins and come back and read later! You will thank me.

        So the Seven Deadly Sins anime popped up on Netflix a couple months ago and Amy could not get enough. She binged the whole show when she was out of town and tried to get me to do the same. Unfortunately I was trying to make my way through Dark Souls 2 at the time in order to prepare for the release of Dark Souls 3, and although I had it in the background my attention was too divided for me to truly pay attention and so I stopped watching a few episodes in. It’s not that I thought it was a bad show, I was just too involved in my game to genuinely to enjoy anything else that was going on in the room at the time. That all changed this weekend when she asked me to give it another shot without dividing my attention and holy shit, I was blown away. The animation, the personalities, the engaging world, and the moving story had me just as engrossed in the show as she was back when she started watching it. Fast forward 2 days and 24 episodes and I am already dying waiting for the new season. Sure, I can’t wait to find out what happens with Meliodas, Ban, Diane and the others, but even more than that I can’t wait to get more of the Great Leftovers Knight Hawk.

        He may not look like much, but that chubby pink pig was by far the most charming and engaging character in the whole show, at least in my opinion. This came as a shocker to Amy, because she knows how much I typically LOATHE characters with crazy high pitched voices who serve to only try to add a little cuteness to a scene without actually bringing anything meaningful to the story. This is something of a trope in most modern animes and video games, especially if they are created in Japan. Sometimes they are put with a character in order to give them advice or point them in the right direction throughout their journey, but more often than not they just serve to provide some misguided sort of comedic relief. I know that some people get a kick out of these characters, and I am totally cool with it. To each their own, but as far as I am concerned those characters can seriously ruin my experience.

I’m lookin at you you yappy little bi-… I mean fairy

        So that was my mindset when I first saw hawk waddle onto the screen and start talking with the mickey mouse voice and short little legs. “Here we go,” I thought “I hope you die soon.” It was all there. Innocent personality? Check. Silly body-type? Check. No practical skills? Check (I was dead wrong on this one by the way). I was ready to turn it off then and there. Thankfully (because Amy wouldn’t allow me to stop) I kept watching. Soon enough though, I started to realize there was more to Hawk than meets the eye. I found myself laughing at Hawk’s quirky mannerisms. I found myself enjoying the fact that all of the other characters seem to look up to the quirky little pig. Even Ban the roguish I-show-respect-to-no-one guy seemed to look up to him. I was laughing at Hawk’s antics and genuinely enjoying every time I saw him come on screen. I started chanting “piggy-trot piggy-trot piggy-trot” every time he was sprinting on screen. All of this was pretty much flying under the radar with me not really noticing I was joining the Hawk fanclub until the climax episode. You know the one I’m talking about.

        Hawk, the friendly talking pig, he loyal companion, the Knight of Scraps Disposal bravely sacrifices himself in order to save Elizabeth from insta-death. It was fucking glorious, and it completely crushed me. I looked at Amy and demanded she tell me if Hawk is going to come back to life in the last episode or not. She looked at me and just said “I mean, Hawk is definitely dead” and watched as I fumed over how bullshit it was that every other major character can somehow revive and heal themselves seemingly at whim and the BEST out of all of them is now a black corpse sitting on the battlefield. That is when I realized I had officially crossed over. You might as well give me the t-shirt, because I was now a Hawk fanboy. I was shocked. I was concerned. I was mildly amused. I guess this is how it happens. I stormed out of the room and said that if they had killed off Hawk it wasn’t even worth finishing the series. I almost immediately turned around and sat back down, saying “well I mean there is no way this show would kill off it’s best character, like they have to know what a terrible decision to it would be to Gurren Lagann this shit right now.” Luckily my perserverence was rewarded as at the end of the show, little mini-Hawk popped up and stated that it had no idea how it was still alive but it was and it was happy about it. Damn skippy Hawk. You ferry people around on your back, you stopped Ban from being a complete doucheface at the most inopportune moment, you are willing to piggy-kick enemies hundreds of times more powerful than you, you protect the ladies modesty, you sacrifice yourself for your friends, and dammit you are just awesome. So here’s to you Sir Hawk! Looking forward to seeing how many butts you save in Season 2!

 -CDL Hardcore Hawk Fan (apparently)

My Wife Has a Crush on a Famous Brit, and I’m Alright With That

        I’m pretty sure every woman has a famous crush. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, the list goes on. My wife Amy is no exception. I don’t know if it’s the accent, the fact that he has traveled all over the world and filmed in all sorts of exotic locations, or that he loves to be photographed with cuddly animals all the time. Either way, every time he comes on TV we have to stop whatever we are doing so she can soak up all that suave, animal loving goodness. Did I mention that he loves animals? Cuz the dude loves the shit out of animals. Reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, insects, and fish he loves them all. His name is David Attenborough, and he is the guy behind almost every important nature documentary in the last 40 years.

My competition ladies and gentleman

        To say that Mr. Attenborough is a national treasure in the UK is a bit of an understatement. His lists of accolades and accomplishments is staggering to say the least, to try to list them all here would take WAY too long but believe me when I say you would be hard pressed to find a more decorated documentary filmmaker in all of cinematic history. To this day he remains the only person to have won BAFTAs in black and white, color, HD, and 3D. Dude is a straight up stud. The fact that he is pushing 90 and is still getting out there throwing on wet suits and swimming around in the ocean, trudging around in the sahara desert, walking around a frozen arctic tundra. He sees and does more in a month than I do in an entire year. Luckily he is considerate enough to film it all for us so we can learn a damn thing or two. Seriously, I am looking forward to his upcoming 90th birthday celebration more than I am looking forward to Game of Thrones coming back tomorrow night.

I will see your rugged explorer and raise you one kindly old badass

        So yeah, I don’t mind sharing the affections of my wife with you Sir Attenborough. You are the only man that can make two hedgehogs banging in your front yard sound interesting, and keep me feeling like a perv for watching. So here’s to you David! Keep doing your thing, we will keep watching, Amy will keep crushing, and your work will keep influencing the minds of children and adults the world over.


Smite Castor Brandon Nance Done After Suicide Rant

Smite Caster Resigns Following Insensitive Suicide Comments 

        Brandon Nance, a streamer resigned from his position at Hi-Rez gaming after a Smite steam that led to a angry outburst when a $5 donor said that watching Nance’s live streams had helped him cope with his suicidal thoughts. This led to Nance going off on a mini-tirade saying that suicide is a selfish, stupid thing to do. He also called the viewer an asshole before sharing his thoughts on anxiety and depression in general. It’s strange that this seemed like such a hot button thing for him, one comment sent him on a 5 minute tirade essentially about how much people who consider suicide and call themselves depressed or anxious. It was pretty brutal overall, if you want to watch the video yourself you can. I’m not really going to elaborate on the content of what he said that much, that can be for you to decide yourself, and I’m actually writing this article for a different reason. In short, I actually agreed with some of the things that he said, unfortunately the few good points he made were overshadowed by some colossal bad ones, as well as his overall dickish attitude which was pretty insufferable throughout the whole video. I do find the backlash interesting though, because it has been obviously pretty heated.

        It is pretty interesting to me though, the way that people can suddenly turn on a streamer, or an actor, or a writer, pretty much anyone involved in a medium where they are sharing their opinions to a unknown and vast audience of strangers. It’s usually a very one way relationship, Person A produces content, Horde B absorbs it. Obviously they are following this person for a reason. They must, for the most part, agree with the persons opinions, or like how they make their content, or be interested in the subject matter that they are producing. Basically they have to appreciate a good portion of what that person says or does, or they wouldn’t be following them in the first place. I mean I guess you could follow someone that you hate just because you hate them? That would definitely have to be a minority though, I think for about 90% of the viewers out there though, the reason they are keeping up with someone is positive. So what does that mean when the person says or does something you don’t like? Is it right for the Horde to suddenly flip the tables and attack you in order to make you pay for your opinion? Even if it’s a terribly shitty opinion, isn’t that your right as a person? That’s how you gained your popularity in the first place.

        To be clear, I am not talking about the viewers who, once they realize they don’t like or agree with what someone says just unsubscribe and don’t watch them again. I totally get that and have done the same on numerous occasions. I am referencing the people who, once they find something that they take offense to, will attempt to attack that person until they are no longer in the position they were before. Case in point Brandon Nance now having to leave Hi-Rez games due to the backlash that this has created. He even references it at one point when he states that “People were honestly attacking me for saying that Suicide is not the answer, people were getting massively upvoted, saying things like ‘Suicide should be a person’s choice.’ I can’t battle things like this, honestly. I don’t know how people’s hate for me in a video game got so great that they’d take the side of suicide just to continue arguing.” Now that he has angered the horde, people will go to great lengths to argue with him, just for the sake of arguing. Why? 4 hours ago you were watching him stream and enjoying what he does and now because he has shared an unpopular opinion that is his right to have you no longer want him to be able to maintain his position as a popular streamer? I just don’t understand people’s desire to tear down other people’s success.

        This is something I usually think about in reference to myself, because I would like to think that one day I will have a large following of people who want to see what I write and want to know what my opinions are. Sure, right now I could stop today and I seriously doubt that anyone would notice but what if I was as popular as Nance was? Would I try to censor the things that I say and think in order to make sure I never set off the angry masses? I hope not. I don’t even think a person really could get that popular without having opinions that are unique or interesting, and the only way you are going to get that is by being yourself. So am I going to have to just avoid sensitive subjects? Will I be willing to say something controversial if I ever am successful knowing that by doing so I would risk losing all of the followers I have spent so long developing? I don’t really have the answers to any of these questions other than to say that I hope when the time comes I am more sure about what to do, and if I don’t hopefully my readers will forgive my missteps.


Where’s The Love For Final Fantasy XII?

        Last month marked the 10 year anniversary of Final Fantasy XII, one of the last games ever released for the Playstation 2. Upon it’s release, it received multiple game of the year awards and became the 6th best selling PS2 game in 2006. That being said, it was a game that severely divided the Final Fantasy community and never reach the fandom of some of it’s predecessors. The new licensing system, the uncontrollable (and mostly unknown Espers), and a completely new battle system was a very hot and cold issue with the Final Fantasy faithful. Although many of the issues that people had with the game were eventually remedied in the international version of the game Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System however at that point many players had shifted to the new Playstation 3 system and so it was too little too late. So, over the years Final Fantasy XII has fallen to the wayside. It is the only game that has yet to get some sort of PC release or some sort of remaster/HD version. There have been a few rumblings over the last year or so of some potential remaster being released, but with Final Fantasy XV coming out later this year, Final Fantasy VII being remade, and a few other new titles coming out in the next few months, things aren’t looking good for a FFXII in 2016.

        It’s a damn shame too, because XII really is a hidden gem of the franchise. The world of Ivalice was visually interesting, and the game going back to it’s true fantasy roots was a nice change of pace from the futuristic sci-fi fantasy hybrids of the more recent games. The actual characters may not be as iconic as Cloud and Barret, or Tidus and Yuna, but they are still memorable and fun to play. The cast was varied and fun, and I’m not gonna lie, Fran was uh…. yeah, my teenage self thought Fran was REAL nice.

Ten years later and that outfit still holds up

        On top of that, I thought the Gambit combat system was awesome. Being able to customize the AI for my parties and then trying my strategies out against different groups of monsters was a blast. It was a system that has now been emulated by other popular games since then (the creators of Dragon Age Origins directly said that the gambit system inspired their party systems). It was a perfect merging of strategy and action that took much of the pain out of grinding. There were also Elite Hunts that you could challenge and hidden dungeons and Espers that added hours to the normal game, if you decided to focus more on exploring. Overall it was a fresh new take on the Final Fantasy formula that really tried to take players in a new direction (and succeeded a hell of a lot better than XIII did), and although at times it didn’t quite feel like you were playing a Final Fantasy game, I loved it. Seriously, the only reason I still have a PS2 floating around my house is that every once in awhile I blow the dust off and take the game for another spin. It’s kind of funny, I think the reason that FFXII wasn’t as popular back in 2006 is because some of it’s concepts were just a bit too ahead of the times. When I play the game now it seems more familiar due to games such as the aforementioned Dragon Age, the Witcher, Mass Effect, and others that share some very similar gameplay elements. Truthfully, I think that this is the game that, once polished up and rereleased for a modern console it is going to be the one that translates the best overall gaming experience. It won’t feel as out of place as say the remaster of FFX which, although still a wonderful story and great to look at, seems very slow paced for a modern console release. I guess I will have to wait and see once FFXII does get released in some capacity down the road. Until then, show it some love! If you have a rare copy still floating around somewhere try it out again, you may find that you like it more the second (or third, or tenth) time around!


Well, Maybe There’s Hope For Us Yet

I’m sure that the world was a scary place when I was growing up, full of just as much war and disease and oppression as there seems to be this day in age, but now that I am older (although not as much wiser as I would like to be) it seems like these types of news stories get to me more and more each day. The election is an absolute clusterfuck, but then again they probably all have been and this is just the first time I have actually cared enough to read an article about it. The world is gradually warming and melting polar ice caps. Countries I would have a hard time finding on a map are fighting other countries that I would have a hard time finding on a map, and are threatening the few countries I could find. Discrimination and racial tension are running rampant throughout the country and are showing signs of getting even worse before they get any better. The goddamn Kardashians are popping up on my news feed for some God-awful reason. The point is as a no-longer-quite-so-young adult, the world I am living in now seems a few shades darker than the world I grew up in. At least it is on most days.

It’s what we all keep telling ourselves

        Don’t worry guys, there is some good news mixed in there as well, if you look through all the muck and mire long enough that is. Stories of the largest coal mining company in America declaring bankruptcy. Sure, it’s a story that is sad for the employees involved, however what we are really seeing is a shift in the global perception of what is and what is not an acceptable form of energy. Of course that doesn’t mean that everyone is rolling around in electric cars and popping up wind turbines in their yards in order to power their homes, but it is progress. It is a sign that as the younger generation steps into the higher levels of industry, we are no longer content to just maintain things as they once were. We accept that the planet is important and that as much as some would like to deny it, things are starting to look a little grim. It’s the beginning signs of accountability for a species that has spent almost all of it’s history just bulldozing right past it. There are other stories of progress such as the SpaceX reusable rocket landing or the fact that GE recently created a turbine the size of a car exhaust that can power a small city. It also runs of carbon dioxide, the same shitty stuff that we have been tossing into the ozone for the last few hundred years! Progress is being made! Sweet and glorious progress. These aren’t the only ones either, there are even more stories like these if you know where to look.

        Now, none of these things are going to completely solve the world’s problems on their own, but when you start putting them together over time it shows a shift in the mindset of humanity that gives me something to hold on to at night. Stories like these may be the diamonds in the rough at this point, but for right now it’s all I need. These are my stars in the dark night. Plus, they give me something more interesting to talk and write about than what is going to kill me the next time I step out my front door.

Dark Souls 3: What’s Old Is New Again

        Praise the sun! Dark Souls is back in all of it’s ass-kicking, hope stomping fury. It released last night at midnight and since then thousands of players have already fallen before the games brutal onslaught of beasts and baddies. This is (supposedly) the final game in the series for developer From Software and from the looks of things they are going out on with a bang. The game has been out for less than 24 hours stateside and I have only been able to play for about 9 of them, so I am not too far into the game as of yet, but here is the GeekGoneRogue first impressions of Dark Souls 3!

        This time around, our unnamed undead hero is traversing the land of Lothric, a once beautiful kingdom that is a shadow of it’s former self. Monsters and demons stalk the lands and this once-powerful nation is on the brink of disaster. Sound familiar? When it comes to story, players know what they’re gonna get before you ever even get past the title screen. This familiarity is exactly what you are looking for. The bonfires, the undead cities, the huge beautiful stop-and-stare castles. If it were any other franchise, people would be bitching about how the developer was just throwing out the same old game with a new skin every 3 or 4 years in order to just rake in another round of cash. Basically the ole Call of Duty formula. That’s one of the ways that From Software has been able to set itself apart from so many other developers over the years. On the surface the game is the same, but once you start digging you start to see the differences. All of the Souls games have done it, but in my opinion Dark Souls 3 by far and away does it the best. In almost every scene and setting, DS3 has brought back memories of playing the previous games in the series (I am including Bloodborne in this, I know it’s not a souls game but it might as well be). As soon as I was walking along a raised walkway and saw a giant dragon come crashing onto a building in front of me, I knew what was going to happen next. I quickly reversed and ducked around a corner and watched as the dragon torched the bridge, killing the 8 or so enemies that had been previously walking upon it and rewarding me with a quick 300 souls. I didn’t have to learn this lesson the hard way, because I had been here before. I have already learned it. It is in this way that I feel like DS3 rewards you for having played the previous games in the series. Sure, there are new lessons to be leared, but not as many as if I was a new player. I have earned my scars. By playing my way through all of the other games in the series I have prepared myself for this moment. Same goes for the Blue Eye/Red Eye soldies (demon souls), the Giant Underground Sewer Rat (Dark Souls), the midway-point-feral-monster-phase-shift for bosses (Bloodborne).

Hello dragon my old friend. You’ve come to burn my ass again.

        Now, none of this is to say that there isn’t anything new to see in DS3, because there certainly is. In just my first few hours I have encountered new items, new equipment, new movesets, and of course new enemies. Believe me when I say that the From Software team has really outdone themselves with some of the new creatures that are going to be coming after you throughout your journey. The motherfucking corpse filled cage monsters scared the SHIT out of me the first time I encountered them. On top of that you have some new character classes to add a little more strategy into the mix with their magics and weapon arts. Speaking of, the new magic/weapon art system is awesome. It improved upon the one area that in my opinion Dark Souls had been lagging for the last couple of games, which was the unimaginative magic resource system. Having set spell uses was inconvenient, but didn’t really add much to the level of strategy, instead acting as more of a timer between when you left one bonfire and got to another. With the new ability to sacrifice the number of life preserving estus flasks you are carrying with you in order to be able to use more spells, DS3 has added another level of complexity into their already stellar combat systems. Same thing goes for the weapon arts, the ability to use another resource in order to do special movesets allows not only for creative combat, but it is pushing me to try out new weapon combinations instead of sticking with my tried and true big ass sword for hours on end.

Probably sticking with the big ass sword for this guy though

        All in all, this is just a brief overview of my experience through the first few areas of DS3. There is plenty left to discover over the next few weeks as I grind my way through the evil hordes of Lothric, but I can say without a doubt, From Software has once again reated a unique and engrossing experience that is going to be worth every frustrating moment. For now it’s time to go die again.


Keep an eye out for our Let’s Play videos that will be popping up this week, as well as our full review here in a few days!

Indoor Drone is Sci-Fi Come To Life

The Gripping Orb Receives A Sphere From A Human

        The future is now kids. This new indoor floating sphere, dubbed from German design firm Festo is the coolest thing you will see all day. It was named “FreeMotionHandling” and it is dubbed an “indoor flying object”. It’s lightweight carbon frame can move vertically and horizontally allowing it to hover or move in virtually any direction. It uses helium for buoyancy and a combination of GPS and mounted cameras to see where it is going. Besides all of those boring details, the sphere can actually grip objects in the world around it, carry them, and then basically regurgitate them right back out into a waiting hand. Currently, it only works in doors and only in certain preset conditions, but still the possible applications for this are huge. We may be floating around in these things in a few years, hoping there aren’t any pointy objects around.


To see a video of this thing in action click here

They Did It! SpaceX Lands Rocket On Ocean Barge!!

Holy shit ladies and gentleman, they actually did it. SpaceX has sent a Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station and safely landed it on a floating platform back on earth. It’s something they have been trying to do for months now, and things were starting to seem a little hopeless as time and again they were met with failure. Today marks an important step for the future of manned space flight for multiple reasons. First of all proving that it is possible to safely land a rocket back on earth will usher in a new age of much cheaper, reusable rockets. It also was a huge step forward for NASA, as the SpaceX rocket that was launched delivered the  Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) to the ISS. This inflatable space capsule will hopefully provide a cheap and safe way for people to occupy space in the future, and begins it’s two years of testing today. Safe to say it has been a helluva day for both SpaceX and NASA. Congratulations everyone!