It’s Coming! FFXII PS4 Remaster in 2017

        You may remember a couple of months ago we wrote an article maligning the fact that of all the Final Fantasy games most deserving a PS4 remake, FFXII should be at the top of the list. Well obviously Square Enix has been following our channel because lo and behold, they just [...]

We Made Dark Souls Into A Drinking Game… It Did Not Go Well

Two of our Dark Souls noobs wanted to see what all the hype for Dark Souls 3 was about, but were worried it was going to be too hard to play. So we decided to turn it into a drinking game to ease some of the tension. Below is part 1 of the result, it [...]

Kojima and Playstation, a Match Made in Heaven

                It is no secret that over the last six months there has been some serious drama between Hideo Kojima and Konami. If you haven't heard, feel free to read up here. Needless to say it was a messy divorce. Give credit to Kojima who has remained silent and [...]

Final Fantasy VII Returns!!!! It liiiiiiiiiiiives!!!! As many people know, this year SquareEnix dropped a major fanbomb by announcing that they are finally, after DECADES of people wishing and wanting, going to be releasing a full-blown remake of Final Fantasy VII in 2016. If you don't know why this is a big deal I suggest you drop whatever [...]

Can The Last Guardian Live Up To The Hype?

The Last Guardian Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!!!! So I touched on this in my previous post last night but it is worth just taking a moment to say again. The Last Guardian is still alive, it is playable, and it is going to be released while I'm still young enough to hold a controller. Wow. I have to [...]