An Update From GeekGoneRogue

Hello all,

First off, I wanted to just say thank you to everyone who has been following recently. It has completely blown me away over the last couple of months that we have received so much support and all of the new followers that we have been picking up. It has been a fun project and one that we hope to continue to grow in the future. That being said, we have definitely been slacking this month with regards to updates and content, and for that I am sorry. It has been a crazy time in my life with regards to some family issues and some career issues that have somewhat taken over all of my free time. The good news is, it looks like everything is starting to settle back down now and I am going to make a serious effort over the next few weeks to make up for all of the time that was lost. Fingers crossed nothing else crazy happens in the near future, but even if it does, I just want to say thanks for hanging in there and bearing with me. Please continue to check in to what we have going on and give us feedback on what you think we can do to make both the site and our content better.

Also, I wanted to provide an update on what we will have coming up this month so that hopefully it will give everyone something to look forward to. Hopefully before April we will have a new site design, we know what we have been rocking for the last few months is VERY basic and definitely needs a facelift and we are going to be making it a priority. Starting the end of this week we will have our first impressions/review in progress for The Division, along with our normal articles and stories. We are also looking into some GeekGoneRogue merchandise to be rolling out here shortly, as well as a weekly podcast that should be rolled out by the end of the month. Long story short, there will be quite a bit of new content coming your way in the days to come, and we hope you like what we are rolling out. That is all for today, and again, thanks to all my Geeks out there for keeping us going!


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