Thor! New Metal Earth Legends Model

Hello again friends!

Look what just came in the mail this week! Another Metal Earth model to try (because at this point with two Dinos down I’m basically a pro right?). Speaking of I know I am supposed to post the triceratops next but I couldn’t resist building this one right away. Don’t worry though, the triceratops is finished, I just haven’t gotten around to putting the pictures with words and writing the article yet. I do see the irony in that is exactly what I’m doing right now but let’s just forget about all of that for today. The crown prince of Asgard waits for no one!


Just kidding he is going to patiently wait to be assembled

       I’m going to be honest, when I first brought the model out of the box, I was thinking to myself that compared to my last two this was going to be a breeze. The pieces are all big, and there aren’t that many of them, so I figured I would be able to knock him out in 30 minutes or so. 30 minutes later, I had built a very sleek and shiny looking arm and torso. The pieces came together nicely, and the instructions were clear, which was nice, however there were WAY more contact points than I had encountered on the dinosaurs. I would say for these pieces there were an average of 6 parts that needed to be connected, when on most of the dinosaur pieces there were about 2. Luckily, they were cut well and folded well so although they had to be lined up precisely to get all the contacts to fit, I never had any problem getting them to come together.

One of the reasons this was so easy was because of the way the metal is colored. It’s subtle, but makes it so much easier to identify which pieces go where and how they line up properly. That was probably my biggest concern after doing the previous non-colored models, that the pigments on the Legends models would make them look too much like a toy. But the more that I worked with them the more that I appreciated that you could definitely still tell that they were made out of metal and not out of plastic.

        Out of the entire build, the only part that really gave me any trouble was the head itself. I had a hard time securing the wings of the helm to the right point on the face, especially because once they were on, it became increasingly difficult to maneuver the head to secure it to the neck section. At one point I knocked one of the wings off and was then faced with the fun task of undoing all of the pieces I had put together so that I could get it back on. Normally this would just be inconvenient, but with the way that the Metal Earth models are constructed, you only have two or three mistakes that you can make before the piece itself is going to break and you are going to be reaching for the superglue. Thankfully, that didn’t happen to me this time, but I could easily see a couple places that it could have, and probably would have if this had been my first build.

I’m thankful the wings are there though because without them it looks like he is wearing a pot on his head

        Once the head was on, the rest was smooth sailing. The finished product is sleek and fun to look at. I have other Avengers lined up for the near future as well. One word of caution for any parents that are looking at this and thinking they are a good idea for a small child: you are probably going to have to build it for them. I would agree with the 14+ age recommendation on the box. But it’s fun to build models together anyways so maybe this could be a good bonding experience. As for myself, Thor now stands guard with the friendly neighborhood Dinos.


See, I told you I finished the Triceratops

If you want to try out your own Thor or one of the other Avengers you can find them at Please feel free to share your creations as well!


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